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About Minick & Bohannon

We are a husband and wife media production team specializing in wedding cinematography. Originally from the small town of Baxley, Georgia, we moved to Lexington, Kentucky in 2016, and continue to serve clients in Georgia, Kentucky, and everywhere in between.

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James Minick

James began working in media production in 2010, and has been filming weddings professionally since 2014. He shoots the majority of our weddings, and he dedicates his entire weekend to making sure he captures every single wedding perfectly. James is a perfectionist with an eye for detail, and he has a special talent for capturing a wedding day while making himself basically invisible. He is professionally trained in the field; he holds a bachelor's degree in communication arts, multimedia communications, and film studies from Georgia Southern University. 


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Kayla Bohannon

Kayla loves working behind the scenes-- she manages our social media, handles client communications, and most importantly edits all of our videos. Her experience working in higher education (she holds a PhD in philosophy and has spent close to a decade teaching at the university level) has given her clarity and precision that carry into all of her work. In recent years she's taken on a more visible role in the business as well, and she shoots a selective number of weddings each year.

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