Every wedding is a unique story, and no two weddings are alike. Your wedding film should reflect your personality. It shouldn't be a carbon copy of every other wedding film out there. We always make every effort to customize every aspect of your wedding film to suit you.

We always want to be as thorough as possible with our approach to wedding cinematography. Our style most closely resembles that of documentary filmmaking. We cover everything from the start of the rehearsal to your departure from the reception. We know that videographers often offer their services for a limited number of hours, but we will gladly stay as long as needed at no extra cost. You should never feel rushed on your wedding day due to vendor or budget concerns.

A wedding is an important event, but the couple's story is equally important. After all, without that story, the wedding would not be happening. We try to capture as much of the day as we can while keeping the focus on the couple. We want to help capture your story, we want to help preserve the memories and experiences of your wedding, and we want to give you a product that you will be proud to share with other people.

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